John Maxwell states, “everything rises and falls on leadership!”

JTF & Associates, PLLC recognizes “Leadership” as it’s brand uniqueness.  In a fast pace society, regardless if the need arises in the individual, group/organization or family “Leadership” is a topic that is critical.  At JTF & Associates, PLLC our job is to ensure that the individual, group/organization, or family is on the cutting edge and is able to incorporate the organizational core value of  SANKOFA “To take the best of your past into the future…”



“Leadership”  is critical to survival and sustainability.  It is the deciding factor on how an individual, family or    group/organization advances into the future.


JTF & Associates, PLLC  provides assistance to leaders and leadership teams to develop the critical thinking necessary relative to the services and products provided by the organization.  JTF & Associates, PLLC is a multifaceted organization that seeks to help individuals, groups/organizations and families reach their maximum capacity.

The services provided are:

* team building

* strategic planning

* life coaching



*management & leadership retreats.


Each of the services are uniquely designed individualized for every individual, group/organization or family.

JTF & Associates, PLLC is committed to the success of all its clients.

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