Empowerment Services



Systems Improvement design.

This service is specific to organizations as it provides a review of the overall organizational system and operations. The systems improvement analysis is an investigation into the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.

In this assessment, observations are made relative to the organization’s past successes and  opportunities. JTF & Associates, PLLC will provide a full report of the organization’s systems and make recommendations that represent both future opportunities and threats based on the market and product the organization provides.

JTF & Associates, PLLC in addition to the recommendations on system improvement design will assist in designing a structure of management that will produce total quality. total quality management [tqm] is a behavioral model developed by Deming and helps to reduce inefficiencies in an organization’s production process. JTF & Associates, PLLC as apart of its service, not only takes into consideration the product and the product and the process; but as an integral part examines the role of human capital (people). it is the belief of this company that any system of change to be managed over time can only experience success if the people on board commit to the change.